2(a). Introducing Compass

Introducing Compass

Article Summary

  • Compass is a potent algorithmic indicator designed for quick in and out entries. Developed by a team of Ph.D. experts in predictive mathematics over four years.

  • Previously exclusive to Wall Street professionals, Compass is now accessible to consumers.

  • The algorithm is tailored for detecting high probability 'LONG'/'BUY' entry points through rigorous backtesting and in-depth data analysis by the team at dRisk Analtyics.

  • Compass adjusts settings dynamically for specific charts and assets, acknowledging the need for unique configurations.

  • Settings adapt automatically to each time frame, ensuring optimal performance and precision across different assets and time frames.

  • Compass can be combined with other analysis tools and risk management strategies for enhanced trading outcomes, suitable for both novice and seasoned traders.

  • Compass is initially programmed as an automated trading system, ensuring accuracy through data-driven backtests before assuming its role as an indicator.

  • The system maintains strict criteria, requiring a minimum 70% accuracy based on at least 100 trades, consistently achieving an average accuracy rate exceeding 82% across 430 entries.

  • Assets appearing on the spreadsheet must exhibit a probability of success exceeding 70% with a minimum of 100 backtested entries. If the calculated probability of success is lower than 70% Compass will not send a signal.

  • Compass instills confidence in traders with its high accuracy, assuring a high probability of success in identified trades.

Compass by dRisk Analytics Compass is a highly potent algorithmic indicator that empowers traders with a substantial edge in the financial markets. Crafted by a team of experts with Ph.D. qualifications in predictive mathematics, Compass has undergone meticulous refinement over a four-year span. We are excited to announce that Compass - formerly reserved for Wall Street professionals, is now accessible to consumers.

Compass is purpose-built to detect high probability ‘LONG'/ ‘BUY’ entry opportunities, supported by rigorous backtesting, in-depth analysis and mathematics.

By using Compass, traders can gain valuable insights into market conditions and make informed trading decisions. The system is particularly useful for identifying profitable trades that may otherwise go unnoticed, enabling traders to maximize their returns while minimizing their risk.

What's more, Compass can be used in combination with other analysis tools and risk management strategies to further enhance trading outcomes. Whether you're a novice or seasoned trader, this tool is essential for anyone looking to gain an edge in the financial markets.

To explain the process briefly, Compass is initially programmed as an automated trading system before it assumes its role as an indicator. This approach allows us to conduct data-driven backtests, guaranteeing the accuracy of Compass and providing us with precise insights into its probability of success.

To ensure precision, our system upholds strict criteria: a minimum accuracy rate of 70%, based on a sample size of at least 100 trades. Moreover, it consistently achieves an average accuracy rate exceeding 82% across an average sample size of 430 entries. This signifies that for an asset class to appear as a signal, it must exhibit a probability of success exceeding 70% with a minimum of 100 backtested entries.

Conversely, if an asset class doesn't appear on the spreadsheet, it indicates that either the probability of success falls below 70%, or there are fewer than 100 backtested entries available.

This degree of accuracy instills traders with confidence in the trades identified by the indicator, assuring them of a high probability of success.

Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting your journey in the world of day trading, Compass is a must-have tool in your arsenal. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a data-driven approach that can help you achieve consistent success

Key Features:

  1. Dynamic Settings: Compass dynamically adjusts settings based on specific charts and assets, recognizing the need for unique configurations.

  2. Time Frame Consideration: Each time frame is considered, with settings automatically adapting to ensure optimal performance.

  3. Asset-Specific Configurations: Settings for BTC differ from those for EUR/USD or Tesla, and even within BTC, the 4-hour time frame may have distinct settings compared to the 1-hour time frame. Compass will automatically adjust to the most optimal settings based on historical entries.

Below, we’ll present the top 5 common strategies for utilizing a Compass to achieve high-probability entries.

1. Immediate Entry Strategy (Beginner Strategy)

2. TrendX Entry Strategy (Intermediate Strategy)

3. Delta Entry Strategy (Intermediate Strategy)

4. EMA Entry Strategy (Intermediate Strategy)

5. Fibonacci Entry Strategy (Advanced Strategy)

* Entry for every type of trader.

When Compass Sends a Signal Each signal generated by Compass comes with an associated Take Profit (TP) line. As you may already know, Compass functions as an automated entry system, necessitating the placement of its own TP. This TP is strategically determined through extensive optimization across thousands of backtests.

The following screenshots illustrate what it looks like for a user to receive a signal from Compass visually. These screenshots also highlight the automatically set TP by Compass.

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