4(a). Introducing Iron Dome

Introducing Iron Dome

Introducing Iron Dome, the premier indicator trusted by a handful of institutions. Unlike any other, Iron Dome analyzes data flow, distinguishing between retail and institutional entries using a proprietary method known as "data rhythm." This innovative approach filters orders, enabling you to anticipate significant market movements orchestrated by institutional traders. Institutional traders often employ sophisticated tactics to trap retail traders, a strategy commonly known as a "stop hunt." They typically identify key price levels where retail traders have placed stop-loss orders, which are orders to sell a security if it reaches a certain price.

Institutional traders then deliberately push the price towards these levels, triggering the stop-loss orders and causing a cascade of selling pressure. This allows them to buy at lower prices, taking advantage of the temporary dip in price created by the stop-loss orders. With Iron Dome, you can accurately detect institutional buying or selling activity, signaling a high probability of price movement in the direction of these orders. This enables you to align your trades with the current market trend, increasing your chances of success. Instead of swimming against the tide, Iron Dome empowers you to flow with the market, enhancing your trading decisions.

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